Friday, February 5, 2010

Could I Dance With You?

Dance with You

Could I dance with you
Just once to feel your arms around my waist
No seduction
No obligation

Could I choose the song
Would you let me follow along
Around the floor
Around the world

Would I be too forward to ask from you
A chance to be the girl with you
Before the crowd
Before myself

Should I stop my tongue from asking you
To hold my hand and lead me on
Music filling the air
Music filling my heart

Could I dance with you?

Author Note: one of my very few romantic type poems...all the grace of a courtship and faulty stops of a questioning heart. Dedicated to a friend who must know how much I love her, even if she is all the way in Canada.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miss You

Miss You

I won’t miss you at all
I am chanting in the dark
Hoping to believe my lips
The words so cold and stark

Just the taste of smoke
Brings your face to my mind
All the fires you started
All the life you couldn’t find

Nighttime falls with me alone
Watching snowflakes fall
Chanting in the frozen cold
I won’t miss you at all
Author Note: Since before I can remember, I have been surrounded by people. I have a huge family and there always seems to be someone to share a room or an apartment with. In two months I will finally be living on my own and I wonder...will I miss the company or will I revel in the freedom? The idea scares me...and I think that's a good thing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Winter Night on my Porch

A Winter Night on my Porch

White frost on leafless trees,
brittle and glittering
in the cloud covered moonlight.
I breathe in
A crisp cold gust of
night air.
I feel the chill seep through
the fabric of my coat.
The porch is frozen;
My jeans providing little barrier
against the icy feeling creeping up
my back.
I sit still, listening to the winter
Sounds of crackling ice and
Drifting snow.
I shiver in the darkness, content.

Author Note: I am in love with where I live.

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Ocean blue when you cry
Eyes that beg and plead
Whisper agony defeat
The heart I hold still bleeds

Walking backwards away from you
With a pair of hearts I hold
Throw one down, it crumples slightly
From all the hurt I told

The screams are getting quiet now
Your voice is cracked and rough
A best friends soul is all I give
You scream, it's not enough

I hear a tearing and turn from you
A soul shreds to bits behind me
Although it’s yours, you say I own it
But I told you, I'm not ready

Author Note: This one was painful to write because of the point of view I chose. I was on the receiving end of this poem and to write it from the leavers point of view was a challenge but I liked how it turned out and it is one of my more emotionally charged verses.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Point to the time when
You realized
I was the perfect one for you

Give me a date where
You understood
That craziness was part of my charm

Show me the place where
You saw
Me as more then a friend or crush

Tell me the first memory
You remember
Of me being your one and only

Point out

Give me

Show me

Tell me

Or I will waste...myself...

Author Note: My first love, my first husband, my first ex...all wrapped up in one person and one moment in time when I only asked for him and not for myself.

Saints of the Wicked

Saints of the Wicked

Give me sanctuary
Under the bridge of
Chaos where hellfire burns
Through the blood of
The damned

Shelter my heart
Broken and bruised
Amidst the desolate
Souls of destroyed

My heart is dead
Used and abused
From the men of standing
And chastity

So give me the wicked
The twisted and depraved
For they see my dead heart
And ask me not to
Use it

Author Note: Nothing need be said about this one that isn't stated in the live it is to know it.

Happy Crazy

Happy Crazy

Take the cure for mental
Instability and flush it
Unstable and happy in
This chaos of a world
Sounds more appealing
Then stable and depressed
Repressed, and under
To proclaim sanity and live neurotically
Productivity the endless
Better to thrive
Alive and insane
With no pressure to perform
Responsibly, respectively
Giving the society all
It requires to write
Off your behavior as
Crazy, lazy
Shelving mindless droning
With labels on personality
Taking pictures with
Black and white clarity
No color variety
Make me unstable
Rip away my stale label

Author Note: Crazy is a word often used to describe me and I began to see it as less a mocking label and more of a badge of honor. To be away from the normal, doldrums of society was something I grew to search for instead of trying so desperately to fit in. I am happy with my crazy personality, my quirky sense of humor and my ability to throw "normal people" completely off their own rockers.