Thursday, January 28, 2010



Ocean blue when you cry
Eyes that beg and plead
Whisper agony defeat
The heart I hold still bleeds

Walking backwards away from you
With a pair of hearts I hold
Throw one down, it crumples slightly
From all the hurt I told

The screams are getting quiet now
Your voice is cracked and rough
A best friends soul is all I give
You scream, it's not enough

I hear a tearing and turn from you
A soul shreds to bits behind me
Although it’s yours, you say I own it
But I told you, I'm not ready

Author Note: This one was painful to write because of the point of view I chose. I was on the receiving end of this poem and to write it from the leavers point of view was a challenge but I liked how it turned out and it is one of my more emotionally charged verses.

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