Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Crazy

Happy Crazy

Take the cure for mental
Instability and flush it
Unstable and happy in
This chaos of a world
Sounds more appealing
Then stable and depressed
Repressed, and under
To proclaim sanity and live neurotically
Productivity the endless
Better to thrive
Alive and insane
With no pressure to perform
Responsibly, respectively
Giving the society all
It requires to write
Off your behavior as
Crazy, lazy
Shelving mindless droning
With labels on personality
Taking pictures with
Black and white clarity
No color variety
Make me unstable
Rip away my stale label

Author Note: Crazy is a word often used to describe me and I began to see it as less a mocking label and more of a badge of honor. To be away from the normal, doldrums of society was something I grew to search for instead of trying so desperately to fit in. I am happy with my crazy personality, my quirky sense of humor and my ability to throw "normal people" completely off their own rockers.

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