Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Stubborn looks peering through
Tainted glass
No expression of face
Anger is only given
To the outside world
A little heart crushed in reality
Without a chance to imagine
Or laugh with nonsense reason
There can be no alternative
Fate or environment, the debate
Rage on. A little heart
With so much to lose
Wild one day, lose itself
Shriveled, bare, happy memories
Are so few
Smothered beneath the blanket
Of acquisition, mistrust
Hide and seek with a monster
No chance to win the game
Turning to hide from the smirking
Monster in the mirror
Weakness is death from
Kids can be cruel
The world can be cruel
A little heart knows better
Now, doesn’t laugh
Doesn’t play
Studies the world
But must not react with it

Author Note: I noticed early on that many of my poems were dark or dealt with depressing ideals. I don't see myself as a depressed person; perhaps because I bleed it all into my poetry and don't let it reach my normal every day interactions. This poem deals with my childhood where I had to grow up very quickly and put aside child like tendencies for religious fervor.

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