Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Honesty and Other Myths

On Honesty and Other Myths

Is this the last stand of a dying breed,
Useless code for a vanished creed?
Betray those worthless pounds of flesh
I’ll plant my lyric seed,

In the garden of random thought.
Escape the restlessness I fought,
Tongue and fists no avail.
Now see the carnage I’ve not wrought.

Wisps of mind and body bled,
To keep the scary monsters fed.
Dusk and dawn both breaking now,
Another chain of doubt to shred.

Must I stagger this useless breathing,
And welcome you, the heart of dreaming?
Beseech me now to spare your life,
Or give up all the rights to screaming.

Author Note: I used a different format for this poem and it seemed to flow nicely. I usually do free writes but I really liked the ebb and flow of this rhyming structure. The poem is my way of saying that in all life there are lies, we can't seem to help ourselves and yet we speak so venomously against it. Truth is a goal that humanity will never reach.

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