Friday, January 15, 2010

Living in Stasis

Living in Stasis

The pale light of day's beginning
Streams beckoning through velvet
Curtains of rich red
A soft ivory colored blanket
Tangles about my legs
I rise, stumbling into another

Black tea and warm oatmeal
Sit in front of my chair
I am watching a small child pulling
an empty sled across the frozen parking lot
My oatmeal is growing cold, my mind
Drifts on subtle waves of

The air is crisp and cool, I
Walk to my waiting car, drive to work
The radio is playing static melodies and shifting riffs
I roll past bare trees and piles of gray snow
My own voice joins to break the monotony
Add my optimism to a beautiful
Rendition of life

Author Note: A description of a morning so full of possibilities that became wasted through the daily grind of living. Whatever I decide to do, taking time to enjoy a morning is more important than racing to fulfill the doldrums of life.

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