Friday, January 15, 2010



Should I tell you the whole of me
The sadness, saneness, and strength
Within my weathered fortress

A small cage becomes a comfort
Leaving each time to find heartbreaking pain
Stay inside my shifting fortress

Simple words like poisoned darts
Flash into my walls and empty rooms
The slow crumbling fortress

Ringing crystal chandeliers lie
Broken by the singing cruel emotions
Stay inside my broken fortress

The walls have fallen to stumbling
Rubble, around my shaken, stubborn form
To die inside my fortress

Author Note: Time to build up the walls around my heart and yet they are never in place for long. I always open myself up for more pain but I find that it also opens me up to more happiness and love. My fortress will always crumble but I will never find the time to mourn it as I am too busy living.

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