Monday, January 18, 2010

Hopeful Horizon

There is a point in on the distant horizon
Point of a future so far
Into time’s plodding cycle
The light does not touch upon it

I can see it sometimes
This dark promising future
In the slumber of my black and white
Silent film dreams

Blurry, pale, but intoxicating dreams
A future of happiness in the
Twilight hours of my life
People are laughing but

The faces are unfamiliar

Children are running in wide circles
Though their voices are soft and muted
I ache for this shaded future, a dream

To inspire emotional decision

Please save this dream for me
Distant horizon, stubborn time
Let my heart follow the longing

Of a dim path

Time has not sped up or slowed
The point in the horizon seems so far
Out of my grasping reach

Sinking into the pale unseen potential

Don’t stop time; don’t leave me without a dream
Blurry, pale, gray, shadowed, but mine
My future
A point on the distant horizon

Author Note: This is one of my more hopeful poems and even so, there is still a feeling of sadness. Happy poems are really not my thing, I think pain is so much more interesting then joy. There are so many moments that pass us by, that take a part of us without our knowing it.

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